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Commercial/Agriculture Water Heater Program

Westinghouse Water Heater Program

Sioux Valley Energy is offering a new commercial/agricultural water heater program in 2018.  This water heater is also available for apartment complexes and residential homes that have limited space or require additional water heating capacities.  We sell Westinghouse water heaters to members for $400 (plus applicable tax) for any size--80 and 115 gallon.  The special upfront purchase price of the water heater is in lieu of a monthly load management water heater credit or special rate.  The Westinghouse is made out of a durable stainless steel and has titanium elements. The water heater carries a lifetime tank warranty/6-years on parts for the original owner or a 10-year tank/1-year parts for rental/leased applications.  There is no water heater conversion for future owners. The water heater must be connected to our load management program for the lifetime of the water heater, which also complies with the Department of Energy regulations. Sioux Valley Energy does not deliver or install water heaters.  The water heater must be paid for at the time of pick up.  The Westinghouse water heaters are currently available at the Colman Service Center but will soon be available at the Brandon and Pipestone offices as well.  There is limited in-stock quantities available currently until future orders arrive. Please contact the Energy Services Department at 1-800-234-1960 to place your order.   After the water heater is installed, the member must contact the cooperative to install/maintain the load management equipment.  Sioux Valley Energy's wiring department does warranty and repair work should an issue ever arise. 

The load management infrastructure will soon be available in Rock County for the territory of former Alliant Energy customers.  As soon as it is, those members will be eligible to purchase commercial/agricultural water heaters under this program.

The load management programs allows our power supplier to shift demand during peak usage on the system.  Due to the larger capacity and efficiency of the water heaters, most members are not inconvenienced by participating in the load management program.  

Westinghouse Marathon Water Heater Warranty):


  • Water heaters installed and owned by the original purchaser carry a lifetime tank/6-year parts warranty. Rental or lease applications carry a10-year tank/1-year parts warranty.
  • The product must be registered to qualify for the lifetime tank warranty. Failure to register the product reduces the warranty to 10-year tank/1-year parts
  • The warranty conditions are subject to the proper installation of the water heater according to Westinghouse guidelines.


Westinghouse Water Heater Dimensions (heights inlcude the t&p valve):

*80 gallon – 23 ½” diameter x 72 ½" wide

*115 gallon – 26 ½” diameter x 72 ½" wide


Programs can be changed or discontinued at any time.  If you have any questions, please call our Energy Services department at 1-800-234-1960 or email


2018 Westinghouse Water Heater Program Application




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