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2017 Residential Water Heater Program

In 2017, Sioux Valley Energy will sell Marathon water heaters to members for $400 (plus applicable tax). The water heater must be connected to our load management program for the lifetime of the water heater, which complies withe the Department of Energy regulations. The program is only valid for residential domestic water heating purposes.  It will not include commercial or agricultural applications. 

Prior to 2016, we offered a $6 per month credit for members who took part in the water heater load management program.  The $6 per month credit will be discontinued going forward with the special upfront purchase price in lieu of the monthly credit. 

If members choose to purchase an electric water heater from another source (minimum of a 50 gallon tank) or for a commercial/agricultural application, SVE will not provide a rebate but will allow the member to receive the monthly $6 credit if a load management device is installed. 

The load management infrastructure is not available in Rock County for the territory of former Alliant Energy customers. Those members will not be eligible for our program at this time due to the Department of Energy regulations.

Programs can be changed or discontinued at any time.  If you have any questions, please call our Energy Services department at 1-800-234-1960 or email

2017 Residential Rheem Marathon Water Heater Program Application


Important Information Regarding Sioux Valley Energy’s Rheem Marathon Water Heater Program:

  • Water heaters sold under the 2017 special pricing program must be used for residential domestic water heating applications only and installed at a service location receiving electricity from Sioux Valley Energy. 
  • The member must participate in the load management program for the lifetime of the installed Rheem Marathon water heater which complies with Department of Energy regulations. This includes allowing SVE personnel to connect necessary equipment and perform periodic maintenance during normal business hours. Failure to comply will affect the warranty of the water heater and the member will be billed the full retail cost.
  • Under the 2017 program, the discount is given upfront at the time of purchase in lieu of a monthly load management billing credit.
  • A contractor may purchase/pick up the water heater at a member’s request which constitutes acknowledgement of the terms of the water heater program for the member.
  • Special Pricing: 50, 85 and 105 gallon $400 plus applicable sales tax. The water heater must be paid for at the time of pick up.
  • Upon installation verification by SVE personnel, if it is determined the water heater is installed in a non-residential domestic application, the member will be billed the balance of the full retail cost and it will still be required to be under load management.
  • The member agrees to give Sioux Valley Energy permission to supply the member information obtained on the agreement form for product warranty registration.
  • The water heater must be installed within 90 days of purchase.  Upon the completion of the water heater installation, the member must contact the Customer Electrical Service Department to schedule the installation of the load management equipment.
  • No returns will be accepted after 90 days. The water heater may be returned within that timeframe if the water heater is not damaged, the box is intact, and all literature is included.


Rheem Marathon Water Heater Warranty:

Single Family Dwellings:

  • Water heaters installed in a single family dwelling and owned by the original purchaser carry a lifetime tank/6-year parts warranty. 
  • The product must be registered to qualify for the lifetime tank warranty. Failure to register the product reduces the warranty to   10-year tank/1-year parts.
  • The warranty for a single family dwelling converts to 10-year tank/1-year parts upon the sale from the original purchaser.
  • The warranty conditions are subject to the proper installation of the water heater according to Rheem’s guidelines.

Residential Rental Properties:

  • Water heaters installed in a residential rental property carry a 5-year tank/1-year parts warranty.
  • The warranty conditions are subject to the proper installation of the water heater according to Rheem’s guidelines.

Water Heater Dimensions

Capacity Width Height to top valve Weight
50 Gallons 23.5" 66.75" 100 lbs.
85 Gallons 28.25" 70.25" 134 lbs.
105 Gallons 30.25" 70.75" 152 lbs


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