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Sioux Valley Energy employs several highly-trained, licensed electricians to assist you with a variety of wiring needs, including new wiring or repair, service entrance installation or upgrading, overhead to underground wiring conversion, trenching, pole setting, underground fault locating and repair, sub-meter installation and load management installation. For more information, contact our customer electrical services at 800-234-1960.


Wiring - New installations, Repair, Maintenance:

**Overtime rate is time and one-half -- Sundays are two times regular rate**
Delivery and installation of poles $80.00 per pole
Installation of consumer owned poles $80.00 per pole
Misc. work with digger - 1 person $100.00 per digging-hour
Installation of underground cable/wire

$1.15 per trenched-foot, plus Labor Rate

Back-hoeing $20.00 per pit, plus Labor Rate

Labor Rate:

Sioux Valley furnished material $52.50 per labor-hour
Customer furnished material $65.00 per labor-hour

Trip Charge:

An additional fee will be applied to all of the above services to cover transportation and travel costs. The rate will be $42.50 per site visit.  A site visit is considered to be up to six hours of continuous work on site.

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