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Commercial Heat

A rebate of $50 per ton is available up to a maximum of 150 tons for commercial facilities installing a heat pump. A rebate of $10 per kW up to a maximum of 600 kW is available for commercial facilities installing electric resistance heating equipment. An invoice and verification of system information is required to process rebates.  A separate sub-meter can be installed for the reduced electric heat rate for all accounts except for those falling under the large power rate.  This equipment give you a reduced heat rate the billing cycles of October through April.  The sub-meter installation is free of charge for heat pumps and for electric resistance heating equipment over 5 kW.  A $200 fee would apply for electric resistance equipment 5 kW and under.  Fees also apply for the installation of sub-meter equipment connected to three-phase heating systems.  Apartment complexes up to 8-units can sub-metered for the reduce heat rate. For all-electric complexes over 8 units, the individual occupants will receive a monthly reduced basic service charge in lieu of sub-metering equipment.

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